Farm Team Mandate

The Farm Team applies the Commons vision to protect the agricultural potential of the Commons, coordinating the agricultural initiatives presented in our three phase agricultural plan for the Agricultural Land Commission. 

1. To create an agricultural community on the Commons.
2. To enhance the land to produce food for generations to come.
3. To engage the larger community in organic food production, modeling sustainable community agriculture. 
4. To have a bunch of fun. 

1. Manage the recycling of organic material on the Commons in a self-sustaining manner.
2. Seek out and collect local organic enhancements for the soil.
3. Support the allotment gardeners in their organic food production.
4. Buiild and utilize a seed bank specific to Gabriola.
5. Market produce at market price to cover Farm Team expenses and support the Commons.
6. Produce food that can be shared at Commons events, like the workbee soups.
7. Offer produce, by donation, to Commons volunteers.

Last revised May 2015

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